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Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky Visits Ukrainian Orphans
Secured by Chabad Headquarters, a generous grant allows the weary Zhytomyr community to begin rebuilding their lives
A Quarter Million Meals From Chabad of Nigeria
As part of Chabad's humanitarian efforts to combat hunger in Nigeria, a quarter of a million meals were distributed to single-parent families last week, just…
Paris, Mexico, and Gresham, Oregon
After bumping into Chabad rabbis around the world, Jack Skiterman knew he had to reach out to the new Chabad couple in his own Oregon…
Massive Pesach Seders Welcome Refugees Across Europe
This Pesach, Chabad centers across Europe are hosting the largest seders in their history
New 770 Replica to Serve as Innovative Headquarters for Chabad of Illinois
First envisioned by the late Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz, the already-iconic building is eight years in the making
Vienna Springs into Action to Take In Ukrainian Students
The Lauder Chabad School in Vienna is going to extreme lengths to accommodate 700 Ukrainian refugee families—free of charge.
Congress Honors Lubavitcher Rebbe at Washington DC Conference
At the Living Legacy Conference, U.S. Senators and Government Officials set politics aside to honor the life work of the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Meeting Jews and Making Moves in Minnesota
In 1986 a nuclear reactor in the Ukrainian city of Chernobyl exploded. Deadly clouds spewed across Belarus and Ukraine, leaving radioactive fallout that brought radiation…
Aleph Rescues Afghans from Taliban
When the Taliban started sending him death threats, Fazel Malek* had to leave his wife and daughter behind in Kabul, Afghanistan. After a team of…
California Rabbi & Ohio Trucker Rescue Paralyzed Grandmother in Ukraine
A baffling plea for help reached Rabbi Mendy and Esther Harlig on March 7th. A member of their Chino Hills, California community asked if the…
Sivan Rahav Meir Interviews Rabbi Shlomo Peles
It was almost midnight when I walked into the fully equipped Crisis Management Room. Magen David Adom has situated their mobile command center in the…
110 Schoolchildren Show Off Jewish Knowledge at Championship Game Show
On March 13th, one hundred and ten Jewish schoolchildren marched into a Princeton, New Jersey ballroom for CKids’ annual JewQ International Torah Championship 5782 and…
Yeka Counselors Drop Everything to Be With Ukrainian Campers
When shells began exploding in Dnipro, Ukraine, Chabad’s local Mironova Boys’ School for Orphans decided it was time to leave.  Mironova’s “parents”, David and Liora…
New Orleans Kicks Off Fourth Generation of Chabad Outreach
Rabbi Yossi and Mushka Cohen have been appointed Chabad emissaries to New Orleans, bringing Chabad’s outreach into its fourth generation
Students Surprise Refugees with Busload of Food
Students touring Poland with Chabad on Campus responded to an unexpected chance to assist Ukrainian refugees
CTeen Shabbaton Brings 2,500 to New York
a plethora of workshops and discussion groups aim to give teens the ability to find strength in their Jewish identity, no matter the circumstances
Happiness is Next to Kindness
Practically speaking, how does one "add in joy"?
Two Counts, One Number
What are we supposed to do today with the idea that everyone was healthy?
From Dealing Drugs To Writing Scrolls
It took years in and out of physiatric wards, and several close brushes with death at the hands of mafia-hitmen and street toughs before Jordan…
Moses Lighting the Menorah?!
Why suddenly does the Torah emphasize that it’s Moshe who is delivering G-d’s message to the people?
Population Boom Brings Fourth Chabad Couple to Montana
Montana is experiencing a population boom, and new Chabad representatives are moving into the state’s largest city to meet the Jewish community’s growing needs
Hot Meals For Rostov’s Isolated Elders
Since Covid locked Rostov’s elderly in their apartments, Rabbi Chaim Danzinger and his team hand-deliver hot meals each day
How To Host A King
What food will you serve? How will you address the king?
Uninterested, But Caring
The Torah tells us we are obligated to lend money whenever someone asks for a loan. And without interest.
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