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Adult Education

DID YOU KNOW that Chabad-Lubavitch has more than 300,000 adults from Sweden to South Africa enrolled in classes, studying everything from Kabbalah to the Civil War?

In thousands of communities worldwide, and in more than 10 languages, Chabad-Lubavitch has engaged millions of adults seeking intellectual stimulation, answers to life’s many questions, and timely thought-provoking subjects. Through courses, study groups, lectures, seminars and special programming, Lubavitch has made pursuing knowledge for adults possible through outstanding teachers, quality study materials and engaging audio-visual resources.

Chabad’s specially designed Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) is operating in over 200 communities throughout the globe, and focuses on the essentials of Jewish literacy in a series of  six or eight week courses. Every course is accompanied by a student textbook and enhanced by engaging audio-visual presentations. JLI’s environment is open and interactive for novices and learned students alike. Even if your lifestyle includes travel throughout the world, JLI pedagogic experts and scholars have developed a centralized curriculum so that you can attend classes in any location, and engage in lively conversation with other students and teachers through the internet.

Using classic commentaries and contemporary readings, interactive class topics include, but are not limited to:
Kabbalah, Chasidism and mysticism
Judaism's applicability from ancient times to modernity
Judaism from the viewpoint of women
Jewish roles in American history
Expulsion of Jews from Arab countries
Prayer and spirituality
Biblical and Talmudic interpretations
Relationships and other self help matters
Examination of life-cycle events

In today’s busy world, Chabad-Lubavitch has succeeded to design adult educational programs and created curriculum that inspires feelings of hope, purpose, meaning and value. Regardless of current knowledge, particular interest or location, we have a class for you. CLICK HERE to learn about enrollment and class options.

By donating now, you will partner with Chabad-Lubavitch in bringing the best educators from around the world to your community to provide enriching learning opportunities from a uniquely Jewish perspective.
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