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Wounded Warriors Bring Jewish Pride To Campus
COCI has been bringing wounded Israeli soldiers to college campuses in the US to help boost Jewish pride among students
Paths Through The Sea
The splitting of the Red Sea, the dramatic finale to the Jewish People’s Exodus from Egyptian bondage, began when Moshe heeded G-d’s instruction to lift…
Amid Kazakhstan Bloodshed, Jewish Community Prays for Peace
Working with authorities and the Israeli Embassy, Chabad has arranged a special flight to bring home the body of a young Jewish father killed in…
Texas Ten Talkers Dig Deep
Chabad in San Antonio challenges the community to dig inside and find the Jewish values they already live by
A Traditional Revolution
Why does G-d seem to drive home the superiority of Moshe's forefathers?
Flying Food To Canadian Flood Victims
When unprecedented flooding cut thousands of British Columbians off from food supplies, Chabad of the Fraser Valley wanted to help
Chabad Rushes Water and Warm Clothing to Tornado Victims
Chabad emissaries in Kentucky are leading an effort to supply clothing, food, and water to devastated victims of the deadliest tornadoes in recent memory.
Unknown Jewish Man Receives Full Jewish Burial
When an unknown Jew passed away without any family, Chabad gave him a full Jewish burial.
Community Building in Cabo S. Lucas
The brand new Cabo Jewish Center is a stunning culmination of long years of community building.
NYC Mayor-Elect in Ghana Joins Chabad for Menorah Lighting
New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams joined the Jewish community of Accra, Ghana, for a menorah lighting celebration on Wednesday. Hosted by former Brooklynite and…
Helicopters, Firetrucks, and Menorahs – Oh My!
For Chabad Rebbetzin Sarah Barash, dropping chocolate coins from a helicopter creates powerful educational moments
Miniature “Pegisha” Draws Four Hundred To Brooklyn
A scaled-back version of an annual Shabbat retreat to Brooklyn leaves a deep impression on four hundred college students
Grand Jewish Educational Center Underway in Buenos Aires
A brisk two blocks’ walk from the Headquarters of Chabad of Argentina, a massive construction project is underway.
Desert Wedding Seals a Year of Torah Learning for Young Eastern European Jews
Culminating a year of Torah study, six hundred young eastern European Jews enjoy a spectacular trip to Dubai.
International Conference Of Chabad Emissaries Begins
After having been held virtually last year, the conference is cautiously returning to normal.
Last-Minute Drive-Through Show Inspires Argentinian Community
14,700 Jewish Argentines of all stripes rushed to see the one-of-a-kind drive-through performance over ten days
Tomsk Educational Center Heralds Jewish Renewal
The new center boasts 25,000 square feet of modern facilities, making it the largest Jewish educational center east of the Ural Mountains.
Restoration of Historic Russian Synagogue Begins
A landmark moment in the effort to return the crown jewel of Samara’s Jewish past to its former glory
An Out-of-the-Box Way to Celebrate in the Sukkah
Those peculiar huts are popping up again on driveways and porches in Jewish neighborhoods around the world. The Feast of the Tabernacles, or Sukkot, is…
Recovery Community Celebrates Opening of Chabad Center
Hundreds gather to celebrate Chabad of Berks County's new state-of-the-art Hospitality Center
Record Numbers to Hear Shofar in the Parks
Shofar in the Park brings the essence of Rosh Hashanah to the public in a Covid safe, picturesque environment.
Children’s Book Turns Personal Tragedy Into Communal Healing
A new book about Moussia Zaltzman’s life and legacy models the process of discussing painful realities with children
Chabad Community in Louisiana Braces for Hurricane Ida
With Hurricane Ida bearing down on Southern Louisiana, the Chabad Jewish Center community in Metairie, Louisiana, came together to prepare the synagogue and ensure community…
Torah Scrolls Stolen, Synagogue Vandalized at Chabad of Long Beach
Two Torah scrolls had been thrown on the floor, and two others had been stolen. Silver artifacts were missing as well.
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