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Volume 10, Issue 2 |

Summer 2021 Magazine

Mystic Mountain: Safed, City of Sages, Seekers, and Soul

Lubavitch International explores Israel’s northern gem and the formation of a modern-day Chasidic colony.

Toward A Resilient Jewry

What are those truths for which we are hated? And how do we build resilience against this onslaught?

A Defense Of Torah Judaism

As a Chabad representative at a major university, I observe that students’ big questions today center on whether the religion delivers on its ethical promise…

A Family Affair In Africa

Off The Beaten Path: Chabad Houses You Didn’t Know Existed, Part 4

A Man of the People in the City of Mystics

Teacher, preacher, proto-Chasidic outreacher? How Rabbi Moshe Alshich’s new approach to Torah teaching in sixteenth-century Safed prefigured the Chasidic movement two centuries later and half…

Living in the Bush

Off The Beaten Path: Chabad Houses You Didn’t Know Existed, Part 3

The Tzfat Kabbalists Collection

The rare manuscripts department at Chabad’s Central Library and Archive Center contains many original manuscripts penned by the great Kabbalists. Rabbi Moshe Cordevero (1482-1570), renowned…

Talmud Teasers: About Moses

How many can you answer?

Book Notes

The story of the dramatic rescue and emigration of thousands of Iranian Jewish students to America

Finding Fred After 80 Years

Off The Beaten Path: Chabad Houses You Didn’t Know Existed, Part 2

Holy Folly: Using Humor to Reach for G-d

How humor can make room for a deeper truth otherwise concealed by the apparitions of this world

July Game Changers: Bassie Shemtov

Friendship Circle Director Honored by Detroit Sports Teams

Can You Count Them?

Does G-d care how many Jews there are, and should we?

A Mom, A Torah, A Chuppah Ceremony

The thought that she would never get to stand with her son under the chuppah broke Elisheva (Irene) Solovey’s heart.
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