Saturday, / October 23, 2021

July Game Changers: Bassie Shemtov

The Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Tigers selected Bassie Shemtov to be the third Disability Pride Month Game Changers honoree for her dedication to ensuring that individuals with disabilities receive the support and friendship they deserve. 

Shemtov launched the first Friendship Circle in the country back in 1994, and created the Ferber Kaufman Lifetown facility providing children with a hands-on, realistic town experience that helps them build life skills that can translate into the real world.

The first group of Friendships Circle volunteers in 1994

“A few years ago, we learned about the impactful work Shemtov and Friendship Circle of Michigan were doing,” said Kevin Brown, director of community outreach for the Red Wings and Tigers. “What she and her team have built in Michigan for thousands of persons with special needs is nothing short of amazing.”

Shemtov said being recognized by the Red Wings and Tigers means so much to her personally and to the organization as a whole. She hopes it helps open the eyes of society to the gift of genuine friendship that people with special needs give the world. “Our message is that every person has a mission in this world,” she said. “Life is not about superficial things. It’s about tapping into our potential and seeing the beauty in every human being.”

Friendship Circle’s Rubin Family Summer Camp, Summer 2021
Friendship Circle’s Rubin Family Summer Camp, Summer 2021

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