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I Will Learn It on a Train, I Will Learn It in the Rain
What was once the province of an elite few is now available for free online in every language
A War And a Wedding
Two Chabad emissary families travel through embattled areas, past army checkpoints and six countries, to a wedding celebration.
After The Collapse
At the site of the collapse, they clamored for something, some remains of their loved one.
Mystic Mountain: Safed, City of Sages, Seekers, and Soul
Lubavitch International explores Israel’s northern gem and the formation of a modern-day Chasidic colony.
Tefillin: The Pulse of Israel
As head of the Mossad, Israel’s national intelligence agency, Yossi Cohen’s routine is anything but humdrum.
A Jewish Community in Central Florida Passes the Torch
Brevard County, has seen tremendous population growth over the past decade. Recently, Temple Israel, a mainstay Reform congregation in the area, sold eight acres of…
“Excuse me, are you Jewish?”
Does stopping people at random to talk about Judaism even work? And what actually happens inside a Mitzvah Tank? 
The First Outpost: Casablanca, Morocco
In the early 1950s, these young couples were dispatched by the Rebbe to Morocco to help its illustrious, Sephardic Jewish community under threat. To Read…
Ideal Partnerships For An Ideal Cause
Studies tracking charitable contributions consistently find that the American Jewish community is overrepresented. Philanthropy is a tremendous point of Jewish pride, but all too often,…
A Path Out of Poverty and Into Jewish Service
Fifty students from Odessa and abroad currently attend Chabad’s Jewish University in Odessa. The Jewish University is the only institution of higher learning in the…
Odessa’s Orphans
The Ukrainian port city of Odessa has seen a Jewish Renaissance in recent decades. Its now robust infrastructure of Jewish schools and community centers, packed…
Poway: Healing in the Aftermath
The Yizkor service on the last day of Passover was to be Lori’s first opportunity to memorialize her mother who had died some months back.…
Aleph Institute to Host National Summit for Alternative Sentencing
This June 17-18, Aleph Institute will partner with Columbia Law School to host Rewriting the Sentence, a summit on alternatives to incarceration. The high-level summit…
Dreading the Seder: When Dad is in Prison
They are hidden victims. Humiliated and financially devastated, the children, spouses, and sometimes parents, of Jewish inmates are left to struggle silently for their survival…
We Fought For Their Freedom, But Where Are Russian-American Jews Today?
In the 1970s and ‘80s, many segments of American Jewry led protests and rallies under the banner, “Let My People Go,” agitating to bring Russian…
Not Your Parents’ Hebrew School
For generations of American Jews, Hebrew School has meant long, boring Sunday afternoons of tedious classroom lectures and Hebrew instruction. “If you are a working…
Come, Pray, Connect: Minyan, Millenials and Why Services Matter
Over the past two decades, synagogue membership has declined across the United States, with less than one-third of American Jews choosing to affiliate with a…
The Best Traveled Teenagers in the World
When she turned 16, Nechama Zukin of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, caught the travel bug. Summer stints as a camp counselor in Pennsylvania; Chernigov, Ukraine;…
Camp Gan Israel: Why They Keep Coming Back
It’s a new season at the largest Jewish camp network in the world. Former campers are coming back with their own children, hoping to impart…
Jewish Tourists will Celebrate Shabbat and Kosher in the FIFA Capital
This year, Russia hosts the The 2018 FIFA World Cup June 14-July 15. Local Chabad centers are prepared to welcome Jewish soccer (football) fans and…
Finding Their Place: Israelis in America
It was the winter of 2011, and Rabbi Shmulik Gurary was driving up and down the streets of suburban Baltimore looking for a sign.
Survivors of Terror: Israel’s Double Orphans Grow Up
In Israel, doubly orphaned survivors of terror and their grandparents pick up the pieces.
Jewish Federations & Chabad Find A New Way Forward
Toledo Chabad and the Federation broke the mold. Together, they formed an effective partnership that has since served Toledo’s Jewish community, making it a model…
Made In The Image of G-d
With the number of cremations now surpassing the number of burials in the United States, many rabbis have been moved to take a proactive approach…
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