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Sons And Daughters At The Seder Table
It was unseasonably cold on the first night of Passover back in 1979. Snow had fallen the day before and melted into slush puddles that…
Pursuing The Path Of Peace
Throughout the years I served in the Rebbe’s office, I had the privilege of interacting with this remarkable woman on an almost daily basis.
Memories of Sukkot 1991
Sukkot 1991 was different. The crowds were enormous. But this time, the Rebbe remained standing in the sukkah for the next six and a half…
All Together, Now
As we approach the conclusion of this Hakhel year, we have reason to be hopeful about the Jewish future.
Counted & Blessed
As soon as we got into the car, the Rebbe expressed concern. Might the photographer have been offended by his blessing? After all, the Rebbe…
The Lubavitcher Rebbe, A Master of the Spirit
What was it about the Rebbe, I am often asked, that set him apart as the Jewish leader par excellence of our generation?
A Bed, a Table, a Chair and a Lamp
The Rebbe did not hold press conferences nor grant press interviews. So reporters would usually be directed to my office where I did my best…
Prayers for a New Year
What a year it’s been. Rising prices, more crime, economic uncertainty, political instability, and social discord call to mind the words of the Machzor from…
Better Than Birthday Cake
Chabad communities around the world are launching a truly ambitious 1,210 new institutions.
In Pursuit of Practicable Freedom
Parents, however, who choose to educate their children in private schools are taxed all the same, while additionally having to pay full tuition for their…
Any Given Sunday
Sunday Dollars became an institution in itself. In order to maintain an ample supply of newly minted dollar bills, I arranged with the Federal Reserve…
Beginning With Shabbos
Start the children’s school day right, and the rest will follow.
Can You Count Them?
Does G-d care how many Jews there are, and should we?
Family Time
In late 1990, the Rebbe asked that a pictorial album of Chabad representatives be created. It would include photos of all the shluchim families—men, women,…
Not by Fear But by Faith
The Rebbe’s Vision for a Just Society
Specifically, the virus reminds us that none of us is an island; that each one of us affects others and is affected by others. And…
Soul Lights
Sitting with the Rebbe’s shluchim at the closing session of the Annual International Conference of Chabad Lubavitch Emissaries near the end of November, I felt…
Minding the Mission: Jewish Education
The old hatreds that we imagined had ended with the Holocaust have now resurfaced. The anti-Semitic rhetoric and the anti-Semitic violence are back, both in…
Partnering With Chabad On The Next Frontier
Chabad shluchim typically finance this work by fundraising inside the communities they serve. The practice fosters dynamic partnerships between local residents and shluchim who work…
Taking Stock Before the New Year
We are in the final month of the Jewish calendar year—traditionally a time dedicated to taking spiritual stock of the year past. Examining our successes…
Jerusalem, A City of Peace
This Sunday (July 1) is the 17th of Tammuz, a day of fasting and prayer that commemorates the destruction of Jerusalem. Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, Chairman…
Not For Perks And Benefits
Chabad moved to Iceland this month, marking the 100th country/territory exposed to Chabad's reach. Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, Chairman of Chabad-Lubavitch Educational/Social Services, describes the motivation…
Remembering Summer 1956
Sixty one years ago this summer, Friday morning, July 13,1956, concluding the two weeks in Europe, we flew from Rome to the Holy Land.
A Passover Message for Today
Let us come together at the Seder table, and celebrate the dignity, the humanity, the goodness and the G-dliness that unite us.
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