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Volume 9, Issue 2 |

Summer 2020 Magazine

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“Excuse me, are you Jewish?”

Does stopping people at random to talk about Judaism even work? And what actually happens inside a Mitzvah Tank? 

Not by Fear But by Faith

The Rebbe’s Vision for a Just Society

Wine, Torah, and Song

After years of intensive training and a brilliant debut, a budding opera star took a trip to Israel and finally found his voice.

Managing the stress of uncertainty

Chabad shluchim tell us how the individual challenges they’ve navigated in their personal lives have inured them to the stress of uncertainty and self-isolation.

Talmud Teasers: Staying Safe

The coronavirus pandemic has made us sensitive to the risks we take in our day-to-day living, and helped us become aware of the different ways…

Hippy In the Mikvah

“The Rebbe encouraged me to continue with the doctorate. I blurted out, ‘But what about the heresy?’ The Rebbe answered: ‘You should write all the…

Hanover, Germany: A Tragedy and a Choice

Fifteen years ago, Zev Iluz’s phone rang. The Israeli expat had settled in Hanover, Germany, to escape the pressures of life in Israel. He wanted…

A Jewish School Beyond Borders

Sixth-grader Hadasa Perez has never met her teacher. Or her classmates.   Yet, while parents, teachers, and children around the world are flailing like fish out…

Pandemic And Priorities

Hospitals agonize over the allocation of limited medical supplies; city officials weigh the risk of an outbreak against the crushing cost of a prolonged lockdown.

A Time to Heal

When the doors of Chabad Houses closed, and shluchim adopted social-distancing guidelines, we wondered how this edition of the magazine would take shape. More importantly,…

Friendship Circle: Embracing the Individual

The sound of blaring sirens heralded a flashing motorcade of fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars driving down her block.

Adopted at Age 91, A Holocaust Survivor Finds Love and Hope

Patty Picarelli wasn’t very hopeful as she dialed the number for the Chabad Jewish Center of Barrie, Ontario.

Rabbi Leibel Groner, Long Time Aide of Rebbe

Over the course of nearly 40 years, Rabbi Groner was usually seen standing at the Rebbe’s side, managing the Rebbe’s private audiences, and later during…
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