Wednesday, ‎ / September 23, 2020
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The Sound Of A Thin Silence
In the hushed stillness between the prayers and the poems, in the breath between the soulful tunes, we hear. Muted sobs, a whispered plea, the…
Creative Beginnings: Rosh Hashana 2020
What is Chabad around the world doing for Rosh Hashanah?
Who’s afraid of the Days of Awe?
When my daughter was about five, she wrote a story called “You Should Be Punished For This and I Am Very Mad.” This pretty much…
Come, Pray, Connect: Minyan, Millenials and Why Services Matter
Over the past two decades, synagogue membership has declined across the United States, with less than one-third of American Jews choosing to affiliate with a…
Four Communal Leaders Share Personal Regrets and Resolutions
The High Holidays are a time dedicated to repentance and reflection. We’ve asked four Chabad leaders to share with us some of the regrets they…
Helping Hearing-Impaired Hear the Sound of the Shofar
When the time to sound the shofar arrived, one man approached me and, through the interpreter, asked if he was permitted to touch the shofar.…
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