Monday, / May 23, 2022
Volume 11, Issue 1 |

Spring 2022 Magazine

Anatomy of a Law

Most commandments in the Torah are so cryptic that a straightforward perusal will leave the reader without the knowledge necessary to understand or fulfill them

Memories of the Heart

Elisha Wiesel speaks with Lubavitch International about his famous father and raising his children to love Yiddishkeit

Small Town, Small Miracles, Big Impact

A Chabad couple puts their gift for leadership, friendship, and partnership to work, enriching the Jewish community of Las Cruces, NM

Seders To Remember: Pickpocket At The Prison Seder

Rabbinical students travel the world, bringing the entire Seder to Jews who live far from the madding crowds. Here are some glimpses of their experiences.

Haggadah Marginalia

The Haggadah is one of those oceanic Torah texts. It invites continual return and reengagement, as we come back each year at the seder, to…

Better Than Birthday Cake

Chabad communities around the world are launching a truly ambitious 1,210 new institutions.
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