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The Haggadah Collection At The Library Of Agudas Chassidei Chabad
The prestigious Haggadah collection of Chabad’s Central Library began in December 1924, when the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, acquired the collection of…
Preparing for Passover Under Fire
Chabad Centers Will Welcome Seder Guests in a Changed World
The Annotated Seder Plate: Insights, Tidbits, and Fun Facts
Haggadah Since escaping Egypt, the Jewish people have celebrated Passover by telling the story of the Exodus. Over time, the story became more formal and…
Seders To Remember: Pickpocket At The Prison Seder
Rabbinical students travel the world, bringing the entire Seder to Jews who live far from the madding crowds. Here are some glimpses of their experiences.
Sell Your Chametz – Online
Sons And Daughters At The Seder Table
It was unseasonably cold on the first night of Passover back in 1979. Snow had fallen the day before and melted into slush puddles that…
Five Communal Leaders Share Their Dream Seder Guest
We asked Chabad representatives to tell us which biblical, Talmudic or medieval personality they'd like to have at their Seder table.
More Questions For The Seder Table
Jewish people love to ask questions. As part of the Passover tradition, we ask four at the Seder table. We asked four Chabad representatives our…
Seder in Tanzania
Boxes and suitcases came and went, but not ours. We tried not to panic.
Massive Pesach Seders Welcome Refugees Across Europe
This Pesach, Chabad centers across Europe are hosting the largest seders in their history
Seder In The Bar
It was past midnight. The grand communal Seder ended on a high note. But this rabbi wasn’t about to call it a night.
Haggadah Marginalia
The Haggadah is one of those oceanic Torah texts. It invites continual return and reengagement, as we come back each year at the seder, to…
Guest Editorial: Why Is This Night’s Matzah Different?
It’s 2022, and this year your matzah may likely taste radically different from all other Passover matzahs. The simple Passover matzah, made of nothing but…
A Stranger in the Land
I had never seen thirty-three degrees Fahrenheit on the weather forecast. My English isn’t great, and I felt so alone.
A Personal Affair
In the days leading up to the Seder last year, as I scrubbed my kitchen clean of chameitz, I questioned the point of this highly…
Frissons Of Redemption
The theme of redemption is universal, and, perhaps this year more than ever, it resonates on many levels. Here, we invited some writers and poets…
“And You Shall Tell Your Child” Part 1
We asked individuals engaged in various Jewish educational models to explore "how we might better nurture Jewish children today to grow proud to identify with…
A Warm Hug on a Cold, Lonely Street
About five years ago, I was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), which causes thickening of the heart muscle.
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