Wednesday, / May 12, 2021
Lubavitch News Service
Family Time
In late 1990, the Rebbe asked that a pictorial album of Chabad representatives be created. It would include photos of all the shluchim families—men, women,…
We humans have a primordial need to know. When something happens that upends our reality, we feel great urgency to unravel the enigma. We need…
Soul Lights
Sitting with the Rebbe’s shluchim at the closing session of the Annual International Conference of Chabad Lubavitch Emissaries near the end of November, I felt…
Woman’s Strength
Shluchot from all corners of the world gathered to draw inspiration and knowledge from an extended weekend jam-packed with workshops and events at the International…
Success In 180 Words
I’ve always wondered why our Sages never clarified the definition of success. The Mishna defines the “rich” person, the “smart” person and the “strong” one.…
A Leap of Faith
I love to jump! And so, after school I went leaping around New Zealand, across Australia, Africa and finally to Israel.
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