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Volume 10, Issue 4 |

Winter 2022 Magazine

The Faces Of Giving

Who are they? Why do they give? What do they get?

Any Given Sunday

Sunday Dollars became an institution in itself. In order to maintain an ample supply of newly minted dollar bills, I arranged with the Federal Reserve…

Someone’s Always Watching

“The bank closed all our loans and wanted to take our building,” Sufrin shares. “It was bad.”

Sentimental About Plastic Bins

These bins are indestructible, I think — and so are the connections.

A Camera’s Perspective

The view he got of the day-to-day life of shluchim — through the lens of his camera and from the passenger seat of the rabbi’s…

The Ways We Give

Donors no longer just want to write a check. They want to be involved, they want a direct path to targeted giving

Tuesdays With Steve

Berger’s pomegranate trees are so verdant that every student picks his own glossy red fruit to bring home each Rosh Hashanah

On Board With COCI

"I wanted to create an environment so that the communal Jewish world would see Chabad for the powerhouse that it is, in terms of its…

Starr’s Yahrzeit Project

“It’s so personal, it touches people profoundly. And it creates a deep sense of community.”

A Bridge Built In Buffalo

Fifty years of Chabad at SUNY Buffalo

In Pursuit Of Meaning

We live in an age that is more concerned with self-help, self-development, self-empowerment, self-actualization, and self-care than any other age in history, but we are…

Measuring Growth

Now CEO of Travel Funders Network, the Texas resident devotes a portion of his time working with Chabad representatives in the strategic development of data-driven…
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