Tuesday, / July 23, 2024
Articles Filed Under “Donors”
Someone’s Always Watching
“The bank closed all our loans and wanted to take our building,” Sufrin shares. “It was bad.”
A Camera’s Perspective
The view he got of the day-to-day life of shluchim — through the lens of his camera and from the passenger seat of the rabbi’s…
The Ways We Give
Donors no longer just want to write a check. They want to be involved, they want a direct path to targeted giving
The Faces Of Giving
Who are they? Why do they give? What do they get?
Measuring Growth
Now CEO of Travel Funders Network, the Texas resident devotes a portion of his time working with Chabad representatives in the strategic development of data-driven…
Ideal Partnerships For An Ideal Cause
Studies tracking charitable contributions consistently find that the American Jewish community is overrepresented. Philanthropy is a tremendous point of Jewish pride, but all too often,…
What’s Joe DiMaggio Got To Do With Chabad?
Joe DiMaggio walks into a Chabad synagogue. This is not a joke. Although he died years ago, Joe has become a friend of our center.…
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