Monday, / June 17, 2024
Volume 12, Issue 1 |

Fall/Winter 2023 Magazine

Once A Jew

How far gone is too far gone?

Small, Scrappy, Innovative: Hebrew School 3.0

A new census of North American Jewish supplementary schools found an alarming decline in attendance. But the data also tell another story: across the country,…

Humans on the Planet: Burden or Blessing? A Jewish Perspective.

When the miasma of the Canadian wildfires thousands of miles away endangered the health of millions, even the most skeptical were forced to take cover…

Faith and Art in Communist Russia

Anatoly Kaplan was the rare Jewish artist who managed to explore Jewish themes under the eyes of Soviet censors

Stringing and Piercing: A Reflection on the High Holiday Prayers

Where words fail us, the shofar comes forward. It pierces our souls and the very heavens with the reverberations of its sound.

All Together, Now

As we approach the conclusion of this Hakhel year, we have reason to be hopeful about the Jewish future.
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