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Remembering Sinai, Reliving the Experience
A survey by Kelton Research found that less than six in ten Americans knew the sixth commandment, “Thou shalt not kill”
Purim Notes From The Chasidic Rebbes
Mordechai “The Jew” Mordechai was a Benjaminite, but he is called “Yehudi,” literally meaning a descendant of the tribe of Yehudah. Likewise, the Megillah refers…
From Fruits to Roots
Two generations came together to celebrate Tu B’Shevat, the New Year for trees, at the Friendship Circle of Free Hebrew for Juniors in Montreal, Canada,…
Tu B’Shevat: Where’s the Fruit?
But in fact this plant-based holiday takes place in the middle of winter. Considering that the fruits of the trees haven’t yet begun to grow,…
Ancient Scroll Sparks New Journey For Iranian Teen
It was about thirty years ago when an old Sephardic Jew named David Abtan walked into my office and said ‘Rabbi, I need a favor…
Sukkah On Wheels – Around The World! {Updated}
Send in your pictures to our inbox ( to feature your city’s Sukkah on wheels!
Memories of Sukkot 1991
Sukkot 1991 was different. The crowds were enormous. But this time, the Rebbe remained standing in the sukkah for the next six and a half…
Home Alone on the Holidays
For many of us, the High Holidays will look quite different this year. This year, we are called upon to lead those services ourselves, to…
Lag B’Omer Innovation Under Lockdown
On Monday evening at 18:00 sharp, 45,000 individuals tuned into the livestream at Narrated and presented by children and individuals from Jewish communities across Australia…
A Shabbat Dinner for Wine Country Survivors
With California’s wine country reeling from this week’s horrific wildfires—the most destructive of their type in California’s history—Chabad of Sonoma County is rallying the forces…
Moving Out
To get her sukkah to Inwood Park in Manhattan on Sunday, artist Shaina Denburg detached its walls. But even in pieces, it didn’t fit in…
A First for Sukkot in Shanghai
Rabbi Shalom Greenberg has celebrated Sukkot in Shanghai every year since 1998, but this year’s the first that he’s been able to legally import the…
Dinner Raises Money for Free Meals in South Florida
How to raise money for dinner? Why, host a dinner, of course.
Repost: Chabad Marks Birthdate of Movement’s Founder
On 18 Elul, Jewish communities the world over will mark the anniversary of the birthdate Rabbi Schneur Zalman on Liadi, founder of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement.
In Time for Shavuot: Israel’s Chief Rabbinate Revises Tablet Logo
Israel’s chief rabbinate updated the design of their logo in which the Ten Commandments will now be depicted in a square rather than the familiar…
Lag B’Omer After The Earthquake
This year, Lag B’omer comes at a difficult time for Chabad of Nepal. While sitting down to create her poster, Chani’s husband, Rabbi Chezki was…
In Montreal, Communal Seders Not Just for Needy
Sarah Yevzeroff, well into her 80’s, would have celebrated last Passover by herself in her Montreal apartment. “My husband died and I have only one…
Kharkiv’s Woes Didn’t Stop Purim Pomp
With Ukraine’s war in the east and the nation’s economic collapse, you’d think Purim might have taken a back seat this year to this struggling…
Jewish, Deaf and Proud at Historic Chanukah Events
At the first ever Chanukah event for the deaf community in New York, the excitement was silent but palpable.
IDF’s Lone Soldiers Honored in Jerusalem
At least a thousand people came out to celebrate at a menorah lighting saluting some 100 IDF Lone Soldiers.
Florida Stolen Menorah Replaced with Bigger One
When a nine-foot menorah standing outside the Chabad House in Boca Raton, Florida, was stolen last year, the rabbi promised that if that menorah was…
After Battles Fought and Won, Menorah Lights Shine
Public menorah lightings, in the past debated and controversial, are now marked across the United States as a celebration of religious freedom.
Council of Europe Leader Honors Chanukah
Chanukah, it turns out, is a favorite with the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjørn Jagland.
Baltimore’s City Hall Unveils Large Menorah
When a Chabad rabbi visiting Baltimore’s city hall last year Chanukah was greeted by a small menorah dwarfed by the dominating seasonal displays, he suggested…
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