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From Sinai to Seattle, Shavuot Resonates this Year

Ten Commandments Will be Read at Chabad Centers Around the World

As the Jewish People prepare to celebrate Shavuot—this year beginning Tuesday, June 11 at sundown and concluding at nightfall on Thursday, June 13—the holiday’s themes of Jewish unity and tradition have particular resonance.

Traditionally, on the first night of Shavuot Jewish people stay up all night studying Torah, to atone for our ancestors sleeping in on the day the Torah was given. Chabad centers will host scholars-in-residence for all-night Torah study marathons, many focusing on the topics of the day. In Israel, Chabad houses from Kadima to Kiryat Bialik will welcome community members to join them to hear the Ten Commandments and celebrate the holiday. In Basel, Switzerland, they’ll learn about Judaism’s view on risking lives to save hostages. At Chabad Intown in Atlanta, GA, there will be a course on “How to Win a War the Jewish Way.”

Pre-Shavuot flower arrangements at Chabad of Lake Forest, IL
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