Friday, / June 21, 2024
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To Grow or to Give?
On Rosh Hashanah, we reflect on Elkanah and Chana’s different approaches to the value of self-development, and how it relates to the value of helping…
The Cryptography of Blessings
When Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai’s son came for blessings, why did the Sages respond with hurtful words?
No Muzzles in the Field of Life
How does G-d fulfill the mitzvah to “not muzzle an ox when it treads the grain”?
Marching to the Song of Victory
What can the Jewish way of preparing for battle teach us about affecting change in our lives and the world around us?
The Evening Shema: The Perfect Place to Begin
Parshat Ve’eschanan contains probably the most well-known verse of the Torah, the Shema. The Talmud opens with the Mishnah’s discussion of the Shema. In particular…
Tisha B’Av and Mount Nebo
The Book of Devarim is thematically tied to spiritual descent and yet hints at the Ultimate Redemption. Is there a spiritual treasure buried in exile?
It’s the Going There, Not the Getting There
Torah records the forty-two journeys. Why was it necessary to recount every step of the way?
Almonds?! From Aaron’s Staff?
What the almonds that sprung from Aaron’s staff have to say about overthinking good ideas
The Long Way Around
The spies sent to scout the Land of Israel took an unusual approach with a universal message
The Perfect Verb
An unlit candle is only missing one tiny detail, but that tiny detail is its entire purpose
Happiness is Next to Kindness
Practically speaking, how does one "add in joy"?
Two Counts, One Number
What are we supposed to do today with the idea that everyone was healthy?
Moses Lighting the Menorah?!
Why suddenly does the Torah emphasize that it’s Moshe who is delivering G-d’s message to the people?
How To Host A King
What food will you serve? How will you address the king?
Uninterested, But Caring
The Torah tells us we are obligated to lend money whenever someone asks for a loan. And without interest.
Spiritual Hierarchy Or Anarchy?
If we each have a direct connection to G-d, why is there a need for spiritual leadership?
Paths Through The Sea
The splitting of the Red Sea, the dramatic finale to the Jewish People’s Exodus from Egyptian bondage, began when Moshe heeded G-d’s instruction to lift…
A Traditional Revolution
Why does G-d seem to drive home the superiority of Moshe's forefathers?
Moshe: An Egyptian?
Why would the Torah record such a derogatory description of the Jewish People’s most distinguished teacher?
Life Is Not A Circus
Tempting danger makes for a good story, but moral responsibility makes for a better life
Grappling With Tragedy
So much suffering begs the question, for what? Why do the Jewish people suffer so?
Never Be Satisfied With Yesterday’s Leftovers
We're always seeking ways to get ahead in life. But when it comes to our spiritual development, we often get stuck in place.
Nearly Distant
Across the river, we could see the continuation of our road – just as depicted on the map. The only problem was that there was…
Aware But Alive!
A Russian soldier was being disciplined by his commander. The soldier's crime? While standing watch on a frigid winter night, his feet froze in their…
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