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Our Most-Read Articles Of 2021

Some things are best forgotten, and 2021 certainly had its disproportionate share of events that left us often feeling unmoored. But looking back offers perspective, and what shows up in hindsight may provide solace where there was only grief.

We found that to be true as we looked at’s most-read articles of the past twelve months. Most are stories of struggle, disappointment, and sometimes loss. And yet, each article inspires with the light and hope teased out from the darkness.

A Judge And A Jew

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a Chabad rabbi, and the mysterious nature of Jewish identity

Artwork: “Justice” by Rivka Krinsky. Prints available at

Rabbi Yudi Dukes, 39, Director of JNet

Statistical Outlier: From Catholic Woman To Chasidic Scholar

Born to an Italian Catholic family in Binghamton, NY, Ani briefly attended Sunday school and took her first Communion, until dropping out of church, with no objections from her parents.

Ani with her recently published book – Tanya Companion

Remembering Miracles and Tragedy Aboard Flight 232

A survivor relives forty-minutes that changed his life forever

Unknown Jewish Man Receives Jewish Burial

When a Jewish resident at a nursing home near Boston passed away without any relatives, the home placed a call to Rabbi Nechemia Shusterman of Peabody, Massachusetts. 96 years old, the man had spent his entire life since the age of three in the care of agencies for special needs individuals.

Incredibly, his parents had arranged for his full Jewish burial nearly half a century earlier.

Reb Yoel: Reflections On A Chasidic Prodigy

Rabbi Yoel Kahn, who passed away this past July (6 Av) at age 91, was the wise man of Chabad Chasidism. The master redactor and interpreter of Chasidic texts and deeply devoted to the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, he shaped the contours of Chabad scholarship over the course of seventy years, introducing a new way of approaching a discipline that had theretofore been beyond the grasp of most.

Return To Chengdu

The Chabad emissaries in Chengdu, China must leave in a hurry to protect their children, and the community they built with love and care falls apart. To return or not?

Rabbi Binyomin Murray: Adoption Left Me With A Lot Of Questions

Binyamin Murray, rabbi at Chabad of Middlebury, Vermont, tells the story of his adoption, his upbringing in a loving interfaith family and the intense and challenging search for his true identity.

Travel Deals, Points, Miles, And a Jewish Burial

It all started with a post on a travel and credit card points forum from a non-regular user. 

Coming To Shabbos: Batsheva Eadan Hay

My first fashion show was in 2018. That year, Fashion Week fell directly over the week of Rosh Hashanah. With only one day between Shabbos and the two days of Rosh Hashanah, I couldn’t prepare during the frenetic few days before the show. My PR people couldn’t imagine it — they didn’t understand what I was thinking. It’s unheard of for someone to have this big moment and not be in communication with their team the days before the event!

Bathseva Eadan Hay

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