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Florida Stolen Menorah Replaced with Bigger One

By , Boca Raton, FL

When a nine-foot menorah standing outside the Chabad House in Boca Raton, Florida, was stolen last year, the rabbi promised that if that menorah was not found, he would erect an even larger one. The menorah had been on the grounds of Lynn University during Chanukah, and was being transferred to a storage location when it was stolen.

“The way to respond to something like this is with goodness and kindness and bring even more light,” Rabbi Boruch Shmuel Liberow, co-director of the Chabad Student Center with his wife Rivka Rochel, said last year.

With no menorah uncovered and Chanukah approaching, the center, which serves students attending Lynn University and Florida Atlantic University, purchased a new one; this one standing 12-feet tall. The menorah was installed at the end of last week on the Lynn University campus.

Although the rabbi is yet hopeful that with the media coverage of the new menorah, the perpetrator will return the stolen menorah, he’s sharing a positive energy.

“When negative things happen to us, it should make us stronger,” Liberow says. “When we encounter darkness, instead of fighting it, bring some more light and the darkness will disappear.”


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