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Baltimore’s City Hall Unveils Large Menorah

By , Baltimore, MD

When a Chabad rabbi visiting Baltimore’s city hall last year Chanukah was greeted by a small menorah dwarfed by the dominating seasonal displays, he suggested installing a large menorah on the premises.

Last week the 6-foot Baltimore City Hall Menorah was unveiled as local dignitaries and Jewish leaders presided. “Chanukah is a festival where we celebrate the winning of light over darkness. The menorah is the symbol of that celebration which is why it’s so special to unveil the new City Hall menorah,” Rabbi Chesky Tenenbaum, director of Jewish Uniformed Service Association of Maryland (JUSA of MD), an affiliate of Chabad-Lubavitch of Maryland, told the crowd.

The Menorah sponsored by JUSA of MD and the City Council President Jack Young, was organized by Betsy Gardner, the Neighborhood Liaison of the City Council President’s office. The Menorah was donated by TDO Properties.

“I’m thrilled to partner with the Jewish Uniformed Service Association to celebrate this wonderful time of the year in the Jewish community,” Council President Young said at the event. “Even if you aren’t of the Jewish faith, this event is an educational experience for children of all ages to come together and learn about each other.”

With reporting by Jeff Cohn of the Baltimore Jewish Life.


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