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New Volume of Chabad Encyclopedia Published
This newest volume represents just one slice of a monumental project aimed at explaining issues raised in the discourses of the Chabad...
Rabbi Chaskel Besser, Activist for Polish Jewry
Rabbi Chaskel Besser, who fled Poland shortly before the Second World War, becoming an active player on the American Jewish scene and leader in the…
Chabad Rabbinical Students Conclude Annual Conference
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Transition in Lubavitch: January 28, 1950
Today, the tenth day of the Hebrew month of Shvat, marks the sixtieth Yahrtzeit of the Sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Schneersohn of Lubavitch.
Jewish Children of Russian Immigrants At Winter Camp
For 20 Russian Jewish boys from Brooklyn, Staten Island and New Jersey, a weeklong winter camp this past December in Monticello, New York, offered them…
A Jewish Community Grows In Cabo San Lucas
( Once a week, Benzion Hershcovich leaves his house at the crack of dawn while his wife and children are still asleep. The twenty-something rabbi…
Chabad Representatives Near Auschwitz Say Interest in Polish Jewish Life Strong
The'Arbeit Macht Frei' sign stolen Friday from the entrance to the Auschwitz death camp has been recovered, say Polish police authorities. Five men were reportedly…
Scion of Chabad Musical Family Passes Away
Rabbi Shamshon Charitonow, an expert on Chasidic melodies and a survivor of Soviet oppression, passed away last Thursday, Nov 26, in Brooklyn. He was 91…
Developing Relationships, Businesspeople, Professionals Work With Chabad Leaders To Advance Jewish Life
( Before 2006, David Gavsie, a massage therapist from Montreal, Canada never dreamed he would spend a Friday night around a Shabbat table in a…
Dancing in the Street With Newly Completed Mumbai Torah
Under a chilly, night sky, colleagues of slain emissaries to Mumbai--Rabbi Gabi and Rivky Holtzberg--danced intensely with a newly completed Torah.
At Staten Island Russian Fest, Russian Jews Sample Judaism
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Rabbi Isaac Luria, Mystic for the Ages
Sunday, July 26, marks the anniversary of the passing, of Rabbi Isaac Luria on the fifth of the Hebrew month of Av. 
The Arts: Special Needs Interest Comes to the Big Screen
( With the growing awareness and greater education about autism and other disorders that once condemned children thus afflicted to lives of isolation and loneliness,…
Zoning Board Approves Disputed Plans for New Chabad Facility
( After much intense debate, the Jewish community of the Shoreline won approval Wednesday night by the local Planning and Zoning Commission for plans to…
Chabad Community Mourns Passing of Rabbi Tzvi Yosef Kotlarsky
( Rabbi Tzvi Yosef Kotlarsky, who fled the Nazi invasion of Poland via Lithuania and Imperial Japan, and went on to serve as chief administrator…
With New JCC, Dniprodzerzhinsk Now Full-Fledged Jewish Community
( A new Jewish Community Center and Synagogue in Dniprodzherzinsk, designed with a familiar facade, will be dedicated amid much fanfare on Wednesday, promising to breathe new life…
Marshall Islands, Cartagena, Colombia On Chabad Rabbis’ Itinerary
( After hours of travel through the back-roads of the Rocky Mountains, Rabbis Daniel Cowen and Asaf Advocat, two young rabbis on the Chabad-Lubavitch community enrichment…
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