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Chabad Female Composer Aims For the Heights
“If words are the pen of the heart,” wrote Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the first Chabad Rebbe, “then music is the pen of the…
From Air Force to Arizona Emissary
If I ever had any doubt that events in my life are divinely ordained, that certainly is a tapestry showing that I am, now, exactly…
Our Kitchen Hand
Brittany Karpin, 21, has autism and is non-verbal, yet feels right at home in this bustling kitchen that serves up 70,000 meals a year to…
A Mikvah in the Dominican Republic—Seventy Years Later
The newly-inaugurated mikvah in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic looks like any other Jewish ritual bath. Bricks of Jerusalem stone line the walls, the water is…
The Great American Jewclipse
“The world will be getting dark for two minutes. It’s a great opportunity for us mortals to add light to this universe.”
Meet Randy Kersh
Meet Randy Kersh. A 22-year old student at the University of North Florida, Randy dreams of becoming a Reform rabbi. He was prom king at…
A First for Forsyth
Most synagogues don’t hold press conferences to announce the purchase of a permanent location, and most synagogue press conferences aren’t attended by the mayor, the…
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