Thursday, / July 25, 2024
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Why Is Hollywood Calling?
For a long time now, Chabad, along with many others concerned about the subtle and not-so-subtle influences of pop culture, has been unequivocal about television watching…
Chasidic Tunes Inspire Rockers
Artists as diverse as jazz virtuoso Tim Sparks, rockers Soul Farm and roots reggae stars 12 Tribe Sound have found inspiration in the compositions of…
Jewish and Muslim Communities Cooperate to Pass US’s First Kosher-Halal Law
Over eleven million Americans will buy kosher food this year, according to LUBICOM, a marketing and consulting group for kosher interests. Up from six million…
Fun and Festive After Praying and Fasting
The holiday of Sukkot commemorates the makeshift huts that the Jewish people dwelled in for forty years in the desert. Alternatively, it’s the clouds of…
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