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‘Yossi Tenenboim Day’ Celebrates Young Shliach’s Bar Mitzvah

Hempstead, New York, Town Supervisor proclaimed June 16, 2021, "Yossi Tenenboim Day" in recognition of 13-year-old's contribution to the community

Hempstead Town Council Member Bruce Blakeman and Town Supervisor Don Clavin presented a citation to Yossi Tenenboim on June 16th, honoring the occasion of his bar mitzvah celebration. The 13-year-old son of Rabbi Nochum and Rivkie Tenenboim, directors of Chabad of Hewlett, Yossi has taken an active role in communal activities. Yossi was presented with an additional citation making note of his exemplary service to the Jewish community of Hempstead, including teaching Torah classes and helping local bar mitzvah boys learn their haftorah portions.

The presentation occurred in the presence of hundreds of community members at an outdoor celebration of this important milestone in Yossi’s life. In recognition of the youngster’s active involvement in the community, Don Clavin proclaimed the day of June 16 to be “Yossi Tenenboim Day” in the township of Hempstead, the largest town in the United States.

“It is very important for the community to feel recognized in this way,” said Rabbi Nochum Tenenboim, who feels this tribute by the town will help encourage the community to grow in Torah learning and mitzvot observance.

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