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Thousands of Berlin Jews Receive Assistance for Pesach

By , Berlin, Germany

This year, in the framework of annual efforts to provide for disadvantaged members of the Jewish community of Berlin, over 1,000 welfare-supported Jewish families received generous food baskets in honor of the holiday of Passover. The packages, which were distributed by Chabad emissaries Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal and Rabbi Shmuel Segal, were filled with a wide assortment of food products and staples, including matzah, wine, and specialty items imported from Israel that enabled underprivileged families to celebrate the holiday joyfully.

The community, which presently encompasses tens of thousands of Jews, distributes Shabbat food baskets on a weekly basis to individuals who register in advance and present a certificate of eligibility from the Ministry of Welfare.

“The Jewish community of Berlin is outstanding in its efforts to facilitate the needs of all its members,” explains Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal. “The holiday baskets were funded by local donors who wanted to ensure that every member of the community would have all his holiday needs taken care of, so he could celebrate the seder and Pesach with joy and in strict accordance with halachah (Jewish law). I’m honored to wish every Jew wherever he may be a happy, kosher Pesach!”


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