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Nepal Crisis Worsens Following Second Quake

By , Kathmandu, Nepal

Still reeling from last month’s major earthquake, Nepal was struck yet again Tuesday, this time by a 7.3 magnitude earthquake. The quake and its aftershocks, which continue this morning, came as many rescue teams already returned home from their missions to help Nepal following the last earthquake. Close to a hundred are confirmed dead; thousands more were wounded, and many buildings that managed to survive the last earthquake have now collapsed, leaving a country in trauma and shock.

At the Chabad House in Nepal’s capital of Kathmandu—which has become a crisis center –food and supplies are organized daily to be delivered to local Nepalis still devastated from the first quake, volunteers were immediately dispatched to help survivors of the second.

“The scenes from the last earthquake returned, as thousands poured out into the streets looking for a piece of land to rest their tired bones,” reports Chani Lifshtiz, Chabad representative to the country. “The wounded are being rushed to hospitals through the streets, as we serve hot meals to anyone who is hungry.”

Israelis who remained in the capital to assist in local relief efforts made their way back to the Chabad House to sleep in the large courtyard. Chabad representatives began updating lists of the few Israelis that remained and they are in touch with. By morning most were accounted for.

Rabbi Chezki Lifshitz has been in touch with people from remote villages near the Himalayan mountainous region, where the situation is particularly grim. Chabad is arranging waterproof tents in these villages, to provide locals with shelter from the rain season which begins at this time.

“Things were finally getting a little better here,” says Chani. “This second earthquake is devastating.” Chani is walking the streets giving food to the hungry, and bottled water to prevent survivors from becoming dehydrated.

“The wounded are in the streets, people are baking in the blazing sun. They have no house to return to as they mourn family, friends and neighbors who they lost in the disaster.”

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