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Chabad Emissary Opens Illinois’ Annual “State of the State” Address

Rabbi Avraham Kagan delivered the invocation prior to governor's annual state address

By , Springfield, Illinois

On January 25th, Rabbi Avraham Kagan, director of government affairs for Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois and Rabbi of Chabad of River North, delivered the invocation at the joint session of the Illinois House of Representative and Senate in Springfield, Illinois. The invocation preceded Governor Bruce Rauner’s annual “State of the State” address.

In his prayer, Kagan, alluding to the state of gridlock and the violence plaguing Chicago, called on the lawmaking body to recognize that their “privileged position is actually the performance of one of the seven divine laws given to us by G‑d at the dawn of civilization to ensure a peaceful and moral society.” As one of the seven Noahide Laws, maintaining order is a task incumbent upon all human beings.

The office of the governor as well as numerous state legislators thanked Rabbi Kagan for his ongoing support and service to the elected officials and their staff.


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