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Book Review: My Story
My Story: Forty-one individuals share their personal encounters with the Rebbe, Published by Jewish Educational Media
Book Review: Who Are You Calling Selfish?
Something powerful happens when we recognize that raising children is something greater than the vehicle to our personal fulfillment and happiness: it is a sacred…
Many years ago an apikoros (heretic) moved into a Jewish town, and word of his presence soon spread. The local Rabbi had never met an…
Samarkand: Where Men Became Giants
In the 1964 Presidential election, Republican candidate Barry Goldwater is famously remembered as quoting the Roman orator, Cicero, in the following bold assertion: “I would…
Through A Lens Daily
Daily Wisdom offers its readers an “ark” of refuge, a way to re-focus themselves, and prepare themselves to enter the world each day.
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