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Women Lead, Women Meet

34th Annual Conference of Shluchos

As war rages in Israel and Jewish communities grapple with an explosion of antisemitism, Chabad’s shluchos [women emissaries] will convene at Lubavitch Headquarters in Brooklyn this weekend for their 34th annual International Conference.

The conference will address themes relevant to their leadership work, with a focus on supporting their communities during the ongoing crisis.

Reaching teens in the TikTok era; counseling traumatized community members; guidance for campus leaders as they gear up for another semester at war; rebuilding shattered communities in Israel; and foundational ideas in child and adult education are among the sessions and workshops offered at this year’s conference.  

As well, a daylong summit will focus on emotional and mental health presented by experts in the field including clinical social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists. 

The Conference’s Sunday keynote will be delivered by Mrs. Chanie Klein, the Chabad shlucha leading Israel’s southernmost Chabad center—in Eilat—along with her husband, Rabbi Mendy Klein. In the months since war broke out, Eilat has been inundated with refugees from communities that were attacked, and the Kleins have been at the forefront of Chabad’s comprehensive efforts to aid those in need.

Guest speaker Michal Oshman, a TikTok executive and author of What Would You Do if You Weren’t Afraid? will discuss her activism as an ambassador of light in a time of darkness and fear. 

The International Roll Call will be announced by representatives from Budapest, Hungary; Tbilisi, Georgia; Montego Bay, Jamaica; Tenerife, Spain; and Melbourne, Australia. 

To find out more about the International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Shluchos, visit


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