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“Friends Of Chabad”: Ep. 1

A new show hosted by Academy-Award winning actor Jon Voight and film producer and screenwriter Steven Paul will look at the work of Chabad emissaries around the world.
The show called, ‘Friends of Chabad,’ invites viewers on “an entertaining, funny, and spiritual adventure to Chabads all around the world.” It premiered on the Jewish Life Television (JLTV) network on September 25th and will air a new episode each Monday night. In the first episode Rabbis Chaim Nachum and Levi Cunin discuss the origins of Chabad and the mission the Lubavitcher Rebbe entrusted to his five thousand emissaries. In the second, the Cunin brothers discuss with Jon and Steven the case of the library of the previous Chabad Rebbes which was confiscated by the Soviets and is still being held in Moscow.
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