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Touch and Feel the Holidays

A hands-on book that will delight and educate


A first for the Lubavitch educational publishing house, Merkos Publications announced the release of a “touch and feel” board book: A Touch of the High Holidays.

Conceived and written by Devorah Glazer, and illustrated by Seva, an artist whose previous work for Kehot includes the illustrations for “The Beadle,” the brightly colored book features textured areas on each page-spread that encourage children to encounter the feel of Jewish life by touching the bumpy etrog, or the soft velvet of a Torah cover.

The book comes as part of an effort to “break new ground” in Jewish literature, to honor the Rebbe’s 100th year, says Rabbi Yosef Friedman of Merkos. “There are very few quality Jewish children’s books out there that appeal to a child’s senses like a touch-and-feel book,” he says.

The author says her inspiration for the book comes from her own experiences raising her sons, ages 2Å“ and 10 months. “I believe that children want to be stimulated by everything they encounter,” she says. “A children’s book that both stimulates them and relates so closely to events that surround them in their own lives is a winning combination.”

Though the storyline centers around the High Holidays, the book is appropriate year-round, says Rabbi Shmuel Marcus, special projects director at Merkos, adding that “the book conforms to all safety standards and can be enjoyed by even the smallest children.”

A Touch of the High Holidays is already in Jewish bookstores everywhere, just in time for the upcoming High-Holiday season. It is also available online at


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