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News Briefs: New Jewish Community Center Opens in Siberia

By , Krasnayorsk, Russia

Many public figures, reports, including Deputy Vassily Kuzubov, Mayor Petr Pimashkov as well as representatives from nearby Jewish communities and other religious leaders attended the opening ceremony for one of the biggest Jewish community centers in Siberia. Located in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, the Beit Menachem Tabacinik Center includes a synagogue, kosher soup kitchen, library, education classes and sports and music facilities.

The opening ceremony was held on Chanukah and was commenced with the fixation of a mezuzah on the entrance by Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar. Earlier, Rabbi Lazar met with Mayor Pimashkov and Governor Alexander Kholoponin to discuss the furtherance of the Jewish community in Krasnoyarsk and plans for setting up an inter-faith regional council to strengthen inter-faith and inter-ethnic cooperation in the region.


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