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Korean Prime Minister Thanks Chabad at Buy Korea 2009

Seoul, Korea

( Earlier this week, Jewish business people finally had the opportunity to participate fully at “Buy Korea 2009,” Asia’s largest business expo.

Korean Prime Minister Han Seung Soo, visiting the COEX exhibition center where some 1000 international businesses were represented, personally greeted Chabad-Lubavitch representative to Korea, Rabbi Osher Litzman, thanking him for accommodating the needs of observant Jews so that they too, could participate.

With Chabad now in Korea just under a year, Kotra (Korea’s Trade Promotion Corporation) representatives approached Rabbi and Mrs. Mussie Litzman shortly before the Wednesday exhibition was to open.

Working on short notice, the shluchim opened their Chabad House with kosher meals, daily services and warm hospitality.

“We had businesspeople from Mexico, Israel, the U.S.—many who said they only came because they heard that we’d be there for them,” Rabbi Litzman told in a phone conversation.

Others, he said, much to their delight, only learned that Chabad was there for them once they arrived.

Many stayed on, and will be joining Chabad for Shabbat meals and services, said Rabbi Litzman. “We had scores of people at our Chabad House all week, and many will be celebrating Shabbos with us.”

In his greetings, the Prime Minister said he was “happy to see the Jewish community growing in Korea,” and invited the Litzmans to meet with him privately.


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