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Jewish In Berlin And Scoring High

If Jewish parents in Berlin worried that sending their children to a traditional Jewish school would leave them with compromised scholastics in math, history, and language, they worry no more. 

The Jewish Traditional School, a Chabad high school for girls, scored top in the city on its Abitur high school exam. This is no modest feat given the complications brought on by Covid-19 and a year of lockdowns and re-openings.

Chabad representative and School Director Rabbi Yehuda Teichtel credits the success to the school’s student-centered approach. “Our teachers prioritize what is best for each child, and students respond by giving it their best.” 

As word of the school’s achievement spreads, interest is building in the general Jewish community. A new 8,000-square-meter campus is under construction, and Rabbi Teichtel sees demand for enrollment rising. “This achievement proves that our educational program gives students the very best of a general and Jewish curriculum.”

The Jewish Traditional School is the first school to provide a traditional Jewish education in Berlin since the Holocaust.


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