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Jewish Camp Experience For Sunnyvale Children

By , Sunnyvale, CA

The Sunnyvale Sun reports that 23 children experienced real Jewish living at a winter camp by Chabad of Sunnyvale. Field trips and camp activities in an inspired Jewish setting left the campers brimming with Jewish pride and some mitzvoth to take home. “I’m sure I’m proud to be a Jew,” said camper Leeor Acrich, a third grader from Sunnyvale.


One of many programs by Chabad of Sunnyvale, the camp helps foster Jewish identity, pride and knowledge. “I had one man tell me that camp was the Jewish experience of his life,'' said Rabbi Hecht, the director of the Chabad winter camp. "If 30 years from now, someone else can say that they're proud to be Jewish and are bringing up their family that way, we will have been successful.''


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