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Israeli Chabad Rabbi Fatally Stabbed in Be’er Sheva

We are saddened and shocked by the brutal murder of Rabbi Moshe Kravitzky in a senseless terror attack near his home in Be’er Sheva, Israel on Tuesday morning. The attack claimed the lives of four innocent people – Doris Yahbas, Laura Yitzhak and Menachem Yehezkel.

Rabbi Kravitzky moved to Be’er Sheva with his family fifteen years ago, and assumed directorship of Chabad’s center in the suburban neighborhood of Nachal Beka. As the Rabbi of the neighborhood’s synagogue for ten years he became known for his humility, his kind heart, and his tireless devotion to the community. 

He ran a Colel Chabad soup kitchen out of his synagogue, and provided food to the elderly and the needy. His concern for his community did not stop when he moved away for personal reasons, and he took every step possible to ensure that his work was continued.

“The Chabad community of Be’er Sheva is in shock,” said Rabbi Zalman Gorelik, Chabad of Be’er Sheva’s director, “he invested himself completely into his work with the community, and people loved him.”

He is survived by his wife Miriam and their four children.

Chabad-Lubavitch extends their condolences to the Kravitzky, Yahbas, Yehezkel and Yitzhak families.

Comment 4
  • Aida Strocovsky

    Please come and join me in accompanying him to his final rest. Today at 7 pm – Beer Sheva New Cementery.

  • Ursula Ida Ljungqvist

    My heart goes out to his wife and children. I am so sorry to read of this terrible murder of an innocent man. A man of G-d, a man who has done nothing but being kind and serving his people in the land of Israel. May Hashem comfort and console his family and may his name be remembered for ever. Am Israel chai!

  • allen aboff

    So sorry

  • I just do not understand this. How can killing a good person who goes out of his way to help people further their cause? It makes no sense to me.


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