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Hero’s Welcome for Chernigov’s Shluchim

The Russian siege trapped Rabbi Yisroel Silberstein, his wife Alizah, and their nine children in Chernigov, Ukraine. When the bombs began to fall, they miraculously found an open road out of the city. Rushing to escape, they left everything behind and made it out with only a single suitcase.

After a marathon fifty-hour drive to the Moldovan border, they boarded a flight to Miami, where Rabbi Silberstein has family. When they arrived Tuesday night, family, friends, and colleagues gave the Silbersteins a hero’s welcome at the airport. 

Before leaving Chernigov, the family sheltered dozens of people in their Chabad Center; now, they are continuing their work from Miami. “I’m exhausted,” Alizah Silberstein said. “It’s scary right now, but my friends are back there. I hope we can get them out.”


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