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Chabad Rabbi Teams up with Former DreamWorks Artist

Cypress, CA

( Marc Lumer’s early works have appeared on Warner Bros’ hit shows Batman and Superman. While Lumer was at DreamWorks, his paintings helped create the animated films Prince of Egypt and The Road to El Dorado. Recently, Lumer, now living in Los Angeles, teamed up with Rabbi Shmuel Marcus director of Chabad in Cypress California. The duo created the amaganitive Yarmulke Kid, based on the lyrics of one of the Rabbi’s songs titled Yarmulke Blues. The book is about a boy who may be seen in a top coat or flip flops, but always has a Yarmulke on his head.  

“I wear it high, and I wear it proud.” Signs the Yarmulke Kid. The delightful kids book comes with a CD of the Yarmulke Ballad.


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