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Chabad at Johns Hopkins Hosts 13th Annual Dinner

Friends, Faculty, Alumni Honor 13 Years of Service to Johns Hopkins Community

By , Baltimore, MD

“Chabad’s acronym for Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge and its central philosophy and goals are remarkably similar to the mission of The Johns Hopkins Hospital.” These words, spoken by Dr. Redonda Miller, President of Johns Hopkins, at an elegant dinner on a balmy November evening on the Johns Hopkins campus, underscored an unusual relationship.

Dr. Miller’s audience was composed largely of Johns Hopkins faculty, physicians, researchers and alumni who had come out in support of Chabad at Johns Hopkins 13th year anniversary. The annual dinner draws leaders of the institution’s academic and administrative divisions who have had the opportunity to learn about Chabad and the invaluable service it provides to students, patients and faculty.

The regard is mutual. Rabbi Zev and Chani Gopin are the face of Chabad at this elite research hospital and university since 2003. “Our relationship with Johns Hopkins has evolved beyond our expectations. We are honored to have that distinction and for the consistent support of its leadership,” Gopin told Lubavitch International following the dinner.

The Gopins work quietly, unassumingly, to address a host of needs. Word gets out. Their work with faculty, their commitment to adult education, the spiritual support they provide for patients and students, the lively holiday awareness celebrations they lead for students and the community, have made them trusted leaders and earned them wide support.

In past years, leaders of major American businesses, among them many Fortune 500 companies, have been represented at Chabad’s annual dinner. This year’s event honored Brian O’Malley, the president and CEO of Domino Sugar, which has its plant in Baltimore.

Wes Bush, President, Chairman and CEO of Northrop Grumman, who was honored in 2014, explained why he, representing one of the world’s largest defense contractors and manufacturer of the B-2 Stealth Bomber of the USA, relates to Chabad:

“From the perspective of Northrop Grumman, Chabad sincerely makes a big impact. The charge that Northrop Grumman has to continue and fulfill our mission and bring peace and security are aligned with the goals that Chabad brings to the world as well.”

Looking forward, the Gopins are planning to establish a state-of-the-art drug and alcohol rehab center adjacent to Hopkins. It’s a project driven by the desire to bring repair and healing to the world, a core value that, as Dr. Miller observed, is mutual to Johns Hopkins and Chabad, reflecting the spirit and heart that both share.

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