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Wertheimer Places Chabad’s Rohr JLI at Top

Baila Olidort

The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute began its new course: “Portraits in Leadership: Timeless Tales for Inspired Living” earlier this month. With affiliates in hundreds of cities, the course is gaining popularity and recognition.

Here’s what Jack Wertheimer, Professor of American History at the JTS, had to say in a recent interview for the JCPA’s Institute for Global Jewish Affairs.

“Recognizing the importance of parental influence, a number of national programs have been created specifically for adult education. The largest of these, and the least acknowledged, is the Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) run by Chabad. With some 150,000 unduplicated students over the past decade and over 250 sites offering the same courses developed centrally, the JLI is reaching a large population of adults in clearly structured, piloted, and thoughtfully conceived courses. Currently, thirty-seven distinct six-week courses have been developed, which are offered on a rotating cycle.”



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