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Traveling to Timbuktu? Find the Nearest Chabad Center Here

Brooklyn, NY

No, there is no Chabad Center in Timbuktu. At least not yet.

But, the official news website of Lubavitch World Headquarters, has launched a new, high powered center search that will make it easier than ever for Jewish travelers to find the nearest Jewish address on their travels. 

The new application, featuring maps, contact names, phone numbers and direct email links for Chabad organizations and Chabad Shluchim worldwide, allows users to search the most up-to-date, comprehensive directory of Chabad-Lubavitch centers with ease, accuracy and speed. 

With 4000 representatives worldwide, it seems truer than ever that all roads lead to Chabad. The Center Search offers users four different ways to find that road. Pass the cursor over a color-coded world map to zoom in on Chabad listings country-by-country. Or enter the zipcode. Or type in the city name. If the location name is on the tip of your tongue, but you don’t know the exact spelling, scroll through alphabetical city listing from Acton to Zurich.

Business travelers and tourists, who have come to rely on Chabad for all things Jewish in every time zone, will appreciate the site’s pinpoint proximity feature. Say you’re off to the Twins Days in Twinsburg, OH. Enter the zip and the five closest Chabad centers appear on the map. No more toggling back and forth to mapping websites for a spot to put on tefillin while twinning.

Before you drop in, you can drop the representative a note with the instant email feature. There’s no need to cut and paste an email into another software program. The note can be sent right from’s Center Search page.

To get in touch with Chabad the old fashioned way–by phone–is easier because of the care that went into the site. For months on end, programmers double checked phone numbers for accuracy. Dialing Chabad in Denmark now gets callers through to Rabbi Yitzchok Loewenthal and not to a Danish bakery.

The secret behind the speed of the Center Search lies in the savvy use of Internet tools.  Techno geeks aside, eyes glaze over when terms like Flash components, database hardware, and Ajax codes are used, but it results in a limber, nimble, site with sports-car response times.

To try the new center search, click here or go to the homepage and click on Search Chabad-Lubavitch centers.


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