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Thinking About Giving Thanks

Generation Z: Taking A Moment

What are you thankful for? At the 6th annual International TGIS Shabbaton, the hundreds of teenagers who participated said they’re thankful for Shabbat.

TGIS—or Thank G-d It’s Shabbat—is the bi-yearly regional weekend for local teens. The 161 chapters who participated in the Nov. 11th Shabbat events are part of the global CTeen network, based out of the Chabad Lubavitch Headquarters in Brooklyn, NY.

The Shabbat weekend was a step back from the constant distractions of the digital age. High school students who participated locally in cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles and Manchester in the UK, united in their regions for a phone-free 25-hours of bonding through song and conversation over traditional, home-cooked Shabbat fare.

CTeen’s Regional Coordinator Zalman Abend said he’s looking forward to an even larger turnout at the Spring weekend.


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