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The Art of the Jew

In a recent conversation I was asked, “how do you see the Jewish people”?

I was once told to that to see the soul of a masterpiece, you must step back, you must take it all in. Standing up-close and focusing on details can leave the observer looking at a hodgepodge.

Watching a chess master play chess, you need to  be patient, you need to see the whole match come together in order to see the brilliance. Judging the moves singly would leave the observer confused and baffled.

So too, with the Jewish people. Judged individually, the Jew would leave the outside observer perplexed. “What is so unique about the Jew”?  Stand back, take the entire nation in; take another step back and look how absolutely miraculous they fared throughout history, no matter what the circumstances, and you start to see the soul of the Jew.

After you have taken it all in, and you get the picture, you can now step back in and see the uniqueness of all the parts, and the beautiful synergy they all play out.

The Talmud states that the dispersal of the Jews that had begun more than 2000 years ago was due to infighting.

What a crime it is to rip a masterpiece apart. Any masterpiece. A living one especially.  



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