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Stranded Travelers at Chicago O’Hare Get Kosher Meals

By , Chicago, IL

(lubavitch.com) More than 200 flights have been canceled at O’Hare Airport in Chicago after a massive snowstorm barreled into the Mideast Sunday, leaving 1,700 travelers stranded in the airport.

Chabad Rabbi Yosef Moscowitz jumped into action Monday to provide kosher meals for Jewish travelers at the airport who did not have kosher food to wait out the cancellations and delays.

“Many travelers are frustrated with the slow recovery and are too anxious to get home, let alone think about how they will get a kosher meal,” said Rabbi Moscowitz. “These travelers feel like they are stuck at the end of the world and many of them hadn’t eaten a normal meal in days, so the kosher food was a welcome relief.”

Meyer Emanuel, head of catering services at Shallots Bistro arranged packaged meals for Chabad to deliver to stranded travelers at O’Hare. When he first called the restaurant to order the food, Moscowitz said he was told that the food will be ready in just thirty-five minutes, and “they were glad to provide the meals for free.”

Yeshiva students Yitzchok Glassner and Dovid Marasow distribute the meals to travelers at the airport where it may yet take days for the airlines to resume a normal schedule.

“People were pleasantly surprised to see two Chabad students walking around distributing kosher food packages,” said Glassner.

“We gave many travelers a few meals to last them through the delays.” Though prepared for kosher travelers who cannot buy food in the airport concessions, the rabbinical students gave the meals out “to anyone  who needed food while waiting for a flight back home.”


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