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Re: Woman’s Strength

Lubavitch International's readers respond

Re: Woman’s Strength

Lubavitch International, February 2017

To the Editor:

I was humbled and inspired to read your last Lubavitch International. The emissaries you featured, giants in our midst, not only reinforce the idea that we are blessed with amazing capabilities to achieve far more than we imagine we can, but their resilience and positive, joyful attitudes make their accomplishments even more remarkable.

How can one not be inspired to read how Baila Brackman finds the equilibrium to balance her time and efforts between her family and a son with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and her Chabad House on campus? What Dina Deutch and her family, pioneering trail blazers to a distant, spiritually devoid city have achieved is truly amazing if not miraculous.

Love reading your newspaper. It’s so thought-provoking and life motivating. Keep up the great reporting and work.

Rabbi Moishe Raitman

Chicago, IL


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