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Re: From Heartbreak to Hope: Chabad Takes Children Off the Streets

Lubavitch International's readers respond

Re: From Heartbreak to Hope: Chabad Takes Children Off the Streets

Lubavitch International, Winter 2016/17

To the Editor:

My wife Alla immigrated from Ukraine in the 1980s. I read the article in the last issue about Chabad of Odessa’s efforts to help children through their orphanage. We commend Chabad’s work to help those children. May the efforts in Odessa continue to brighten the lives of the children and may G-d help the children whose parents are unable to do it themselves.

Philip Weisberg

New York City


Dear Editor,

I read the article about the Chabad orphanage in Russia and the Ukraine and I was entirely moved. This is exactly the type of work I would like to dedicate my life to.

Talya English



I read the very moving piece in your latest issue about the Russian and Ukrainian orphans that Chabad is taking care of over there. Thank you!

Howard Abarbanel



I wanted to share with you how much I appreciated your article, “From Heartbreak to Hope.” It is amazing what the Chabad was able to do in what I am sure are difficult circumstances. I would like to contribute to this orphanage. We are not Chabadniks, but are in great admiration for all you do.


Melicent Ganem



This story has touched me to my core. The thought of Jewish children neglected, abused, unloved by their parents is unacceptable. I want to help Chabad by supporting them with my small contribution annually.

Rita Kardon


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