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Old Mikvah Uncovered in Kostroma Synagogue

Kostroma, Russia

( During minor construction activities in the kitchen of the Kostroma synagogue, the city’s Chief Rabbi discovered what appears to be an old mikvah.


Rabbi Nissan Ruppo found a deep pit in the kitchen area of the synagogue, which is at it turns out, was the Kostroma Jewish community mikvah in the years predating the October Revolution.  The pit was filled and sealed off during the Soviet regime.


The mikvah was used by Rabbi Joseph I. Schneersohn, the sixth Chabad Rebbe, during his exile to Kostrola in 1927.


The discovery, says Ruppo, who is also Chabad representative, inspired the community to construct a new mikvah on the same site. The kitchen will be moved to a different part of the building.


The community has begun to raise funds to launch construction of the new mikvah. 


The Jewish community of Kostroma is a member of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia.




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