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Old and Wise

I went to see someone in the Hospital ICU. The individual wants to sue the hospital. He’s paid every medical and insurance bill throughout his 90+ years and doesn’t understand “why the hospital isn’t taking care of me,” while a team of doctors and nurses are working on him around the clock.

Then, “why doesn’t anyone come visit me,” as I and three others are in the room visiting. “Why doesn’t anyone listen to me,” he then asks, while I’m standing there for almost an hour and just listening (extremely difficult for me to listen). Then he goes on, “I lost everything, I have nothing left,” while he is surrounded by family.

This is what a self absorbed life of 90 year old sounds like.

To me, it’s a wake-up call.

In contrast to this, if you live your life as an emissary and see your life as a mission, then regardless of your condition or age, if you are still alive, your mission is still on.

What a difference it would make for the old man and those around him, if he would impart knowledge, widsom and guidance–the kind that could only be acquired by long life and the kind that could only be accepted from someone who has lived that long. That could be his mission.

I walked away inspired to live life as if I am on a mission. Indirectly he really inspired me.


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