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Mrs. Pessia Matusof, 86

By , Casablanca Morocco


( Mrs. Pessia Matusof, Chabad representative to Morocco, passed away early Monday morning at age 86.

Born in Leningrad, Mrs Matusof was the daughter of Rabbi Yehuda Leib Karasik. Together with her husband, Rabbi Shlomo Matusof, she dedicated most of her years to the service of Moroccan Jewry.

Mrs. Matusof moved to New York to live near her children after her husband’s passing several years ago. In recent weeks she was hospitalized at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York.

Mrs. Matusof is survived by her many children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, many of them Chabad representatives around the world. 

She is survived by her children: Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok – Shliach to Toulouse, France; Rabbi Yehudah Leib – Shliach to Cannes, France; Rabbi Eliyahu – member of Otzer Hachasidim, Crown heights; Rabbi Yona – Shliach to Madison, Wisconsin; Rabbi Reuven – Shliach to Lishkas Lubavitch, Paris, France; Rabbi Shmaryahu – Shliach and Mashpia in Brunoy, France; Mrs. Baila Polotinsky – New Jersey; Rabbi Menachem Mendel – Shliach to Alberta, Canada; and Mrs. Aidla Nemanov, Crown Heights.

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  • Israel fernande

    Ja i eu un choc quand j ai vu ma tres chere Directrice zl Mme Matudof, une femme d une grandeur et dun devouement pour ses eleves indescrptible. Toujours presente pour ecouter les problemes de chacune. C est une dame que je n oublierai jamais.Son mari Rav Matusof zl etait aussiun homme d une grande modestie un tsadik. Ils me manquent beaucoup. Que leursames reposent en paix au gan eden dans la leilleure pl1ce . Amen


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